The great muscle enhancing duel: Dianabol vs Anadrol. And the winner is?

The question about supremacy of dianabol anavar pills over anadrol or the other way around is one of the great debates among professional athletes, not just bodybuilders, but also baseball players, basketball and football players, different martial arts competitors and strength athletes.Some combine the two and use less of each to get the best possible result with the least side effects.

It depends mainly on what the athlete is after and it also depends on the individual, each person reacts to the steroid differently, some get better dianabol results while others thrive on anadrol. HGH, HCG, anabolic steroids online.

It is the same with side effects, they differ from person to person, some experience no steroid related side effects even at a high dosage, while others feel those effects immediately and require anti estrogens to counter unwanted side effects.Dbol however exhibits less water retention and you are able to keep more of the lean muscle gained.

The scale has not jet tipped one way or the other. Reviews are available on booth steroids and they have booth been dissected into details. Some like former bodybuilder that holds an important polytical seat today are all for breakfast of champions dbol, while others prefer the A-bomb the nickname of oxymetholone. Anadrol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and dianabol a derivative of testosterone.

Dianabol seems to promote the all round feeling of well being better, anadrol is arguably better for short steroid cycles, while dianabol is more suited for long term use. The latter also acts faster while with A-50 you have to wait a little longer for the effects to show, but when they do: WOW! That’s all I can say. In terms of sheer muscle and strength gain anadrol has no rival.

Most add deca durabolin in the mix the all round most popular anabolic steroid that is often part of steroid cycles. Rewiews of deca durabolin can be found online so we won’t go into further detail regarding nandrolone. The combination of steroids or a steroid stack as it is called is a way of using steroids to max out on gains and keep the side effects at the lowest possible point. A way of eating the cake and eating it too if you like.

To get back to the initial question of this article, which is better? The answer is: there is no answer. No general answer at least, it all depends, on the athlete, his body, his needs, goals, on the sport he is in, is he a baseball player, a football player or a basketball player. What does he lack, what are his strong points, how does his body react to anabolic steroids.

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