Life Coaching Books – 5 Books That Changed Me As a Coach

I’ll admit it that my list for the best life a course in miracles bookstore evolves over time. There are a few staples and there are a few that make it on the list for a while and then drop off. Some are “official” Life Coaching Books and some get to it in other ways! Here’s the current “top 5” Life Coaching Books list…

LIFE COACHING BOOK #1 – Sir John Whitmore’s “Coaching for Performance, Third edition”

John Whitmore is just one of those cool people who has lived an incredibly cool life.

For example, he’s been a:

– Professional racecar driver and crew chief

– Professional athlete and coach to top-level athletes around the world

– Most importantly, he’s kind of the grandfather to life coaching as we know it today.

This Life Coaching Book is a great read and it also helps to lay a foundation for what coaching is and how you can use it to help people to dramatically change their lives.

As you’re investigating life-coaching, I’m betting that multiple people will suggest this book. In fact, doubt them a little if they don’t.

LIFE COACHING BOOK #2 – Seth Godin’s “The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)

Let’s face it… ANYTHING from Seth Godin will help you, but in regards to coaching, I’ve found this book to be incredibly insightful.

Why? Well, as a life coach, you’ll be helping people to get clear on what they want to do and then put a plan in place to get there. As you do this, you’ll find that a critical first step for your clients will be figuring out what they need to “stop doing” as opposed to what they need to “start doing.”

The Dip will give you stories, ideas and tools to help others to go through this process. And heck, as you move forward on your own coaching practice, the concepts that Seth brings up will help you to do the same for yourself!

LIFE COACHING BOOK #3 – Daniel Pink’s “DRiVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

If you read Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind,” you know that Mr. Pink is not afraid of making waves with his assertions. Drive continues in this trend.

In it, Pink cuts to the chase on the evolution of personal motivation. As he does, he comes up with some wildly insightful revelations about how we try to motivate ourselves and others… and how that’s been changing over time.

So much so that some of the norms that we hold to be universal, aren’t as effective as they used to be.

As a life coach, one of the keys to helping people to transform their lives is getting to the heart of what motivates them. This book will, at the very least, help to challenge and stretch your understanding of what motivate us. Plus, it will give you some tools to challenge and stretch your clients in ways they haven’t been stretched or challenged in the past!

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