How to Keep Journal Books

Writing your inner thoughts a course in miracles book you’ve read can help you become an excellent writer and a good communicator in general. Journal books, Jotters or Note Pads can preserve all your ideas and thoughts. You will enjoy reading through and charting the progress of your reading as time goes on. Your journal can also add a stimulating contribution to your book group.

First thing you have to do is decide how to keep your Journal to match your own personality. Pick up a striking pen color and add stick-on tabs to organize your ideas for different kinds of reading materials. You may also opt to paste in collage art or add drawings on your Journal books. Illustrations can give your text an excellent energy boost.

Begin writing your basic reactions. You should make notes as you read. When finished, try to put together what the book was all about? What reactions did you feel after finishing it? Did it inspire you to change anything in your life? Are you left frustrated after finishing the entire book?

Add concrete details such as how long did it take you to finish it after how many pages in the book. Your Journal books should also contain how and where you came to read each book. Was the book assigned by your teacher, recommended by your friends, saved from the trash bin at a fine restaurant or found in the lounge of the last Airline trip you took.

Writing personal details on your reactions is also great. Perhaps, you are going through a hard and dark time and you’ve come to love this book for giving you a new outlook. Or possibly, this book has given you an insight on how to deal with your family conflict. How did the book affect your life while reading it? Books are part of the lives of human beings and it can be exciting to read back through your journal Notes.

Be creative with your text by drawing your own improved version of the characters. You can sketch what they looked like and make a map of the settings of the book. Analyze the objective of the author. What literary influence or genre did the book reflect? With regards to the previous work of the author, how different or consistent was the book? These are just few details that you can add to your Journal Books.

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