Importance of Reading Management Books

We all remember the days where we had to read acim authors in order to pass our exams. Personally I hated reading and thought it was a waste of time. For me at that time, life wasn’t very complicated: Went to school, played video games, played with my friends, watched TV and tadaaa it was bedtime again. When we get older, things unfortunately are becoming more complicated. One might do the same things as an adult, instead of “going to school”, one now is “going to work”. Difference is that you certainly reflect more of your actions now, than you did when you were young. A habit, which is accompanied with aging. Every life has it’s ups-and-downs and almost everybody had to deal once or more with a broken heart, a dirty business trick or got into a conflict with a loved one.

My mother is a frequent reader and gave me a self help book, when my heart was broken once again. My life changed at that moment. That book gave me such great insights, which completely changed my way of looking at things. From that day I started reading more and I am still experiencing the benefits it has given me.

Three years ago I started my own business. From that day with few exceptions, I only started reading management books. Soon reading management books, became my biggest passion. I have read all the business must reads ever written. Did I learn from every book I read? No, I think Donald Trump certainly is a better businessman than author. But I do think that every book gave me new insights. If only I remember one sentence out of 200 pages I have read, but that one sentence helped me improving my life or it helped me while doing business. Then reading that book was of added value to me.

For me there certainly is a link between natural leadership and management books. By reading books about natural leadership I created it myself. I am really convinced that helped me becoming the successful businessman I am now.

If you ask me, what are the best leadership books or the best management books? I can’t really answer that. I think that’s always subjective. I suggest you just start reading and find out for yourself. Find out which books are of added value in your life, or of added value while doing business.

You might ask, but what is the book your mother gave you and did change your life? I am not going to tell you! The reason for this is that you can get disappointed when I tell you because your life may not change after reading it.

Point is, you have to find your “personal” life changing book yourself. The only way to do that, is to start reading good management books. So, what are you waiting for? Start today! Please let me know when you have found your life changing book, I am curious.

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