Choosing The Best Book Format: E-Books VS Paper Books

Choosing between regular a course in miracles authors and electronic reading devices, people still prefer classics. Nevertheless, the popularity of e-readers is constantly growing, so people start wondering whether one day they will substitute regular books. It’s not that easy for many readers to make up their minds on this novelty. Needless to say, all these hesitations are nothing but strong and powerful habit. Jokes aside, paper books reigned the reading society for the last hundreds of years. Books were highly valued by the intellectual part of the society: they collected them, cherished with love and tender, inherited and bequeathed them. Besides, reading books was a sign of good taste and proper education. Times have changed, but for many readers things remain the same and books appear to be the best company. Yet, electronic books are becoming more and more popular among readers, too. So, let’s try to sort out pros and cons of both paper and electronic books and reach a fair verdict.

Paper book rocks, nobody would dispute that. First of all, they are easily obtainable – various books stores are to be found at every turn. Plus, new novels are released in paper format first, and not all of them will ever see the light in electronic formats. Simple books are cheap and won’t hit you in your pocket. If quality is not a matter of great importance to you, you can save a pile of dough buying cheaper or used books. And finally, paper book creates a very special, literally intimate atmosphere which no electronic device can create.

At the same time, paper books have a bunch of disadvantages. It’s not a secret that carrying a book comes with some extra weight involved. Additionally, having a library means having a lot of free space in your apartments, which can be used in more functionally appropriate way.

The major issue connected with e-books is their cost. The point is, an electronic reading device comes with high cost. People who use these devices say they worth their cost in gold though. E-books are probably not very good for your eyes when used for too long. Plus, you have a battery issue to worry about: it can play a dirty trick on you when you need it the most. In general, you have to remember that any electronic device has its life cycle, and software problems are almost inevitable as well. But all these problems can be easily justified by great positive feedbacks. For example, e-books are your best ally in public transport due to their portability. E-book reader isn’t heavy and doesn’t make carrying a bulk of books a chore. Have bad vision? Zoom the text and add some lightning and you’re good. And finally, just imagine that you can keep world’s best masterpieces in you pocket.

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