Breaking Down the Popular Levis 514 Slim Straights

But knowing the different styles brands put out is key to looking your best in a pair of blue Fake Amiri. The reasoning is simple, different styles are designed to fit certain body types and achieve different looks. An extreme example of this is the skinny jean, designed for men of with a slight build interested in a trendy look. Lesser known, but with a wider appeal, is the 514 slim straights by Levis.

The slim straight style is Levis answer to a broad overall trend in clothing towards more form fitting clothing. The slim straights are more slim – but not skinny – in the rear and the upper leg. These jeans will not be confused with skinny jeans, but they will seen as more attractive in the eyes of women.

Slimming, but with a straight leg that more closely styles the traditional style of men’s jeans, the slim straights combine a classic look with a trendier, more modern look. The 514s do not get too narrow at the ankle, but retain the classic straight leg opening.

Men with a slight build will love the Levis 514s. For guys with a slim lower body, too often their choices are regular jeans, which look baggy and wide, or skinny jeans. And lets face it, skinny jeans aren’t for everyone. The 514s give skinny guys an option to wear comfortable, stylish jeans without going overboard.

But the 514s have a wider appeal. Men with an average build can also wear them as a compromise to the trendier form fitting styles that are common today. In fact if you trade in some of your regular fit jeans for the 514s, expect a few more friendly looks from the ladies. This is the style of jean they tend to notice on guys. Its trendy, but masculine. A combination you should always be looking for.

If you are a larger man, and often find that a pair of jeans that fits you properly in the waist is far too baggy and loose through the leg, then give the 514s a try. They will reduce the amount of material in the leg and seat, preventing you from looking heavier then you are.

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