Use Instagram to Boost Your Marketing Plan and Score Big

melhor site pra comprar seguidores has grown to own 90 million Monthly Active Users, with over 40 million photos per day. Users love Facebook’s free photo sharing tool (and who doesn’t want to see all of those cute baby pictures and weird dog tricks?) How can you take this seemingly simple to use app and turn it into a key component of your business’s marketing plan? It may be easier than you think.

Why Bother?

You say you’ve had enough of the social media scene and do not feel like learning yet another new application? Don’t overlook the power of Instagram for your campaign. It is a perfect solution for on-the-go business owners who want to spruce up their marketing as they move through the day. It is an excellent tool for all of the free resources it can offer in real time.

How Can You Use It?

Look at a few tips on how businesses are using Instagram to really drive home sales and boost their brand awareness. You may find that you’ve put off using this tool for too long.

1. It’s perfect for product or service promotion. Use real pictures of your products, right there on your store shelves, to get people talking. You don’t have to worry about tracking down a stock photo. Customers love real pictures. Get a close up of the finished petals on your cake as a baker and they will flock to your business.

2. Get real and show customers what you are all about.Another way to use Instagram as a marketing tool is all about the behind-the-scenes. People want to know who you are and what you are really doing. They want to see a real person. Social media through this method can work very well. Simply take some photos of the people working in your office. Show them where the magic happens behind the bar at the club. Get them interested in how you are prepping their dish with up close photos.

3. Let your customers do the work for you.Because so many are using this free photo sharing tool, you can encourage them to show how they are using your products and services. For example, perhaps you are a coffee shop with a chic following. Host a contest for the best photos your patrons can produce with them enjoying a cup perhaps with your logo.

Build brand awareness. Get people talking about who you are as an organization. Create a must-share photo without having to go through the trouble of having your marketing team make it up for you. Your organization may even become instafamous.

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