Top 10 Benefits of Having a Car and Driving Licence

People who New York Fake driver’s license may complain about traffic jams and petrol prices, but you don’t see many turning their back on their vehicles for a life of public transport. Here are 10 big benefits of learning how to drive, getting your licence and buying a car.

1. For young adults who live with their parents, life without your own transportation can be extremely frustrating. By getting your licence and a car, you could get that first step towards independence.

2. If you’re a parent that has to use public transport to take your children to school, it could be time consuming and stressful. A car could ease the burden by letting you drop them off with ease.

3. Parents will also be aware of how stressful it can be worrying about their children when their out and about. Being able to pick them up, as and when they need you to, could be of huge comfort to both of you.

4. If you are using public transport, it can be a struggle living your life by someone else’s timetable – namely, the bus and train companies. The convenience driving offers means you can dictate where and when you go somewhere.

5. It also means you can go on holiday within the UK (or even Europe via the Eurotunnel) whenever you want, so if you fancy a short break, you can do it without public transport.

6. Food shopping can be stressful at the best of times, but if you have to carry heavy bags back on foot or a bus, it becomes much more difficult and could mean you needing to shop more often to avoid having too many heavy items to carry.

7. By having a car, the range of jobs you can apply for will increase significantly, so one of the main benefits of driving is the boost it can give to your career.

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