The Education Of Yesterday And Today’s Learning

Why is education and learning important for every human being? Education is an important tool that helps an individual work for a better future. When we say education, it is the continuous process of learning things – from simple knowledge to complex acim podcast.

As the world’s population is growing, the number of people who value the importance of education is increasing as well. However, some people believe that the quality of education in former times is incomparable to the quality of education today. But this is the opposite of what some scholars say today; due to modernization and globalization, education today is far more excellent than the education before. Thus, the learning of students nowadays is great, fast, and efficient. It is most likely that if the quality of education is excellent, the contribution of learning to the students has a great impact as well.

But, what is the difference between systems of education in former times, and systems of education of today?

Today, the possibilities of students to gain knowledge are greater than before. Some modern educators believe that although the system of education of today is efficient, the majority of modern students have no discipline, poor work ethics, and are not very interested in learning about useful information.

When it comes to education, it is not just about learning the actual knowledge of science, arts, law, or politics, but also absorbing and learning good manners and values. Most educators believe that the majority of students nowadays show less respect to their teachers, especially during class sessions. On the other hand, students in earlier times were more responsible about their behaviour.

The contribution of modernization and globalization plays a big role in the education system of today. Due to the growth of globalization , there is a wide scope of learning and knowledge that is being contributed to the learning ability of students.

Moreover, nowadays students can themselves participate in a foreign institution even without taking part in the actual classroom scenario. The advantages of online education are numerous; thus it allows students to complete their learning work at their own pace, for example.

Nowadays, it is difficult for an individual to seek a proper job if he or she is a high school graduate only; most business corporations and offices require workers to be college graduates. From this fact, the education system of today’s age is complex and yet helpful for people.

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