The Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

Just think back for a minute. About all the celebrities that you like and follow. How does their engagement rings look like? It is so different from our engagement and wedding rings, right? But why? What is making them more special than us? Why are their engagement rings so much more different than ours? And, should we be satisfied with our or try to copy theirs? Here is some information about the best celebrity engagement rings of all time.

First of all, they have money. And, they are always in competition with each other. To see whose ring is larger and better? The last thing that you want, when you are a celebrity, is to have an engagement ring that is small and average. Your collages and the media will never leave you alone.

This is why their rings are so special. They are trying to make a better statement than the engagement just before them. Making sure that no one forgets how their ring looks like. And to start a trend with engagement rings.  You will never find another ring similar to one of the celebrity’s rings. Because they don’t want to wear something that someone else might wear already. 

This is why these celebrities are going to the best jewellery designers and getting their wedding rings personally designed. To have a unique ring that is going to cost a fortune. For them, this is the more your ring cost, the better. The larger the stone, the better it will show off on television. As we said before, for them it is the bigger the ring, the better for them and their fans. They want to see the ring from a distance. And, this will not be possible if they are wearing a standard looking wedding ring. 

For us, the size of the ring doesn’t matter, the meaning of the ring is the most important. But with celebrities, this is completely different. For them it is all about the bigger the right, the better. And, if the ring was extremely expensive, it is even better.  If you look at the different celebrity engagement rings, you will see that most of them have one thing in common. That they have one small ring or wedding band. However, with one huge stone that is taking over the rest of the wedding band. 

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