The Basics of Steroid Use and Abuse

Steroids, also knows as ‘Roids, are a class of drugs which mirror the effects of naturally producing testosterone. ‘Anabolics’ are the muscle-building best injectable hgh for sale, and ‘androgenics’ refers to male sexual characteristics. Originally developed in the 1930’s to treat a condition called gonadism, where the testes do not produce enough testosterone for growth and development. The medical community has continued to see it’s wide potential ever since.
These drugs can be prescribed for medical conditions such as AIDS and cancer, which suffers a reduction of the body’s mean muscle mass. Children are often prescribed these steroids in cases of delays in puberty. There are generally three ways to take steroids. Injectables, oral tablets, and transdermal patches. All are equally effective in the transmission of steroids.
The negative side effects of steroids are many. Elevated blood pressure is a sign of the body’s intolerance to steroids. The other notable risks include death coronary disease, liver damage, and in rare cases, gynecomastia, or male breast development. Reduced sexual function, libido, and infertility are also common side effects in the male use of steroid. Mood symptoms are common in steroid users. Depression and hypomania may be displayed by long time users. There are documented, and often terrifying, examples of psychiatric symptoms ranging from simple mania to suicide and murder.
The use of steroids has become popularized, due in part to the performance enhancing capabilities of these drugs. Due to the way the drug changes the structure of muscular development, it became popular amongst some athletes in the college and professional ranks. There have even been cases of high school athletes falling victim to the ‘doping’ craze in sports. Baseball, cycling, football have all had instances of drug abuse. This has scandalized the sport on a level unforeseen by many experts. Steroids are these forms are considered illegal, most notably after the Ben Johnson scandal in Seoul in 1988. It was labeled as a class III controlled substance by Congress in 1990.
Steroids can be detected through drug testing of the hair, urine and blood. Depending on the individual user and route of administration, the drug can be detected through testing anywhere from seven to thirty days after the last time it was used. The testing must be done at a specialty lab, due to the various spectometry’s involved. Detection can take weeks, or often up to several months to complete.
Steroid use in the United States continues a steady rise. More and more young athletes are finding ways to obtain and use steroids for performance enhancing purposes. At the same time, the use for various medical conditions continues to rise and the professional community sees many of it’s healing properties. Burn victims, patients with extreme menopause and AIDS benefit from the use of steroids as a method of fighting osteoporosis, of which these patients are extremely susceptible.
Steroid use will likely continue in our society at large. While steroids will always be a benefit to it’s users, whether ethically or not, there’s no doubting the powerful effects of this drug as both medical relieve, or a personal body and mind enhancer.

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