Ragdoll Cat Kitten – The Cutest Little Thing Ever!

A ragdoll buy exotic shorthair kittens is maybe the cutest thing possible. So small and fluffy, with their adorable and startling blue eyes. It is so tempting to try and get them as young as possible; we simply don’t want to wait until they are 12 weeks before we bring them home.

But it is very important that you don’t bring them home before this date, I know they look really cute at 6 weeks, but if you want your kitten to have a good start in life, then let them stay for a few more weeks. You may wonder what difference this will make, but it can make the difference between life and death, a kitten that is removed from their mother too young may not thrive.

Before you even choose your ragdoll cat kitten, make sure that the breeder is reputable. No matter how cute the kitten, the breeder has to be good to ensure the health and wellbeing of your kitten. Go in ready to decide with your head not your heart, if the house is dirty and a mess then walk back out again, it is unlikely that the cats will be well cared for.

Have a good look at all the kittens, they should all look healthy, their fur should be silky and not matted, and their eyes are clear and not cloudy. They should walk in a straight line, and be agile, they should not be afraid of you, or back away from you. They should be happy for you to pick them up and should be playful.

When you get the ragdoll kitten home, keep them in one small room with you, some food and a litter tray. Keep them in the room for a while in order for them to get used to being in the house with you, remember they are used to being with their mothers, brothers, sisters not with you and may be nervous and skittish at first. So they should be allowed to adapt to their new house and their new lifestyle, luckily a ragdoll cat is a very adaptable breed and it doesn’t take long for them to get used to you.

Remember after the kitten has got used to you, it still must never be kept outside, the ragdoll should only be an indoor cat. They are really very trusting and do not fair well outdoors, they are likely to get themselves into trouble and get hurt outside, so first and foremost focus on leash training the kitten. As they are intelligent animals, they learn new tricks easily and should be able to adapt to leash training just as easily.

The ragdoll is a lovely cat, very laid back and very relaxed. They will need to spend time around you as much as is possible, you cannot leave them alone for any length of time, if you are intending on being out for more than 3 hours a day then you shouldn’t get a ragdoll breed, and you definitely shouldn’t get a kitten.

The ragdoll will grow to a giant size, so take this into consideration when you decide to buy one, and remember that the kitten’s colours will not come through fully until they are at least 1 or 2 years old, so don’t buy a kitten just based on the colour.

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