My Personal Top Weird And Wonderful Roald Dahl Books

Feeling and acim of your space. To achieve this effect consider additional shelving, categorized display, or perhaps even removing a few of the books from a collection and using some as actual furnishing pieces or stands to display other items. Remember to weed out the unused and the unloved, think about keeping only what you are passionate about and what you use.

When working with books with your interior design plan, take into consideration their colour and the power of grouping their coloured spines to the maximum visual effect. (Don’t feel as if you need to keep the dust cover…often the book is MUCH more beautiful without the little wrapper)

For the rest of your book collection, here are some tips on arranging, displaying, storing and creating DRAMA with your books.

1. Use them to prop Up objects – A great tool in creating a sexy and dramatic grouping is learning how to create different elevations. Stack three chunky hardcover books on a side table to use as a raised display area for a sexy sculpture, a crystal lamp and potted urn or orchid (in a waterproof pot of course) on top of the books. This is a great way to raise another accessory that may be too short as well as create some interest in a display.

2. Create a DRAMATIC and colourful wall of reading with a floor to ceiling and wall to wall built-in of books – for those of us lucky enough to have a large book collection this solution is both practical and visually stunning. This look can be achieved to amazing effect both by having custom build bookcases or purchasing “off the rack” book shelves and then grouping them together (units from Ikea or Sears… etc. ) The trick is to group them tightly and to measure the wall where they are going so that the end result is one that it looks as if it was custom created for your space.

When using prebuilt units try to find thicker sided and heavier construction to sustain the weight of the books. AS WELL… consider removing the back “faux wood panel or white panel” and paint the wall area JUST behind the book shelves a dramatic colour like a rich red, vibrant orange, sunkissed yellow or a dramatic black. This will allow your collection and your built-ins to read as one stunning unit

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