Great Movies That Have Left Behind Unforgettable Memories

In my younger days I was a best movies about the enlightenment fanatic and there were practically no good movies that I did not get to see. I made it a point to see any good movie that was released. Of course those were things of the past and today I hardly go to the theater to see movies other than watch one once in a blue moon on television. When we were kids it movies were sheer entertainment and those were the days when the new digital techniques and effects had not yet been discovered. It was toward the fag end of the 1970’s that sci-fiction movies started becoming the order of the day.

The great movies that I am talking about are ones like “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben-Hur”, “Gone With The Wind”,, “Helen of Troy”, “Spartacus”, “Julius Caesar”, “Antony and Cleopatra”, “Solomon and Sheba”, “Jason and The Argonauts”, the ever famous Alfred Hitchcock horror movie “Psycho” the list seems endless. Most of the movies that have been mentioned here are ones that have been Oscar award winners and movies like “Ben-Hur” bagged more than five awards in it s time. Those were the days when many Roman and Greek mythological stories were created into all time hit movies of their genre.

In spite of the fact that the movies of yore did not have the sound system or the graphics effects of the movies of today they were simply fantastic creating indelible impressions in our minds as kids. Even today when we get talking, my brother and I nostalgically think about the movies that we had seen together as kids.

Who can forget Clark Gable as Rhett butler and Vivian Leigh as Scarlet Ohara in “Gone With The Wind” and Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd as Ben-Hur and Messalah in Ben-Hur, not to forget Kirk Douglas in the title role that he played in “Spartacus”. Anthony Hopkins with his dual personality in “Psycho” was a runaway hit as the killer who seemed so harmless.

There have been great movies that have been created since then and there have been a plethora of actors and actresses who have made their mark in Hollywood movies, but there are certain things that stay imprinted in your mind and no matter how much better the movies that were produced later were, they still cannot erase the memories of the past.

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