Desert Landscape Designs Require Less Water

Merzouga désert maroc designs are used by many of us who live in areas where it is difficult to maintain green grass or to grow many plants. Many desert landscape designs work well in backyards that have many rocks and boulders along with very sandy soil. That peaceful backyard retreat can still be created by adding items to soften the yard and give the family and guests more comfort.

Gardening magazines or landscape magazines that are relevant to your weather conditions will be able to help you figure out what will work best. The most difficult part is coming up with that perfect design for you and your family. There are three important issues to consider regarding your desert design and they are: the amount of money you want to spend; the time you are willing to give to the project; and the space you have available. If you are thinking about boulders or already have some in the yard, by placing lively desert plants around them can spruce up a garden. A smaller yard will be able to handle smaller boulders or rocks of different colors, shapes, and styles.

It is always possible to create a desert landscape in any garden. Plants and flowers that are that are able to withstand your particular weather conditions along with rocks and pebbles will give you a desert type landscape that can give a garden a new look. The lower growing plants and smaller boulders need to be in the front of the garden while the taller and larger ones are lining the back. This way you can enjoy the entire landscape from inside the house and may even lure you to spend more time outdoors enjoying it.

If you live in a hot, dry climate you may want to add a water feature to your backyard landscape. This not only gives you relief from the heat but that wonderful sound of water will be very relaxing after a long day at work. Some of you may be able to add a swimming pool but others with smaller yards can have a water fountain, water garden, or a pond for enjoyment. Another wonderful idea for a desert garden is to add outdoor lighting. This way you will be able to enjoy your desert landscape designs even more during the night. Unusual shadows will be created by spotlighting all your rocks and boulders. A few creative ideas can improve the feel of your landscape.

Desert garden designs are not only good for arid climate areas but for almost any type of climate area because you will be using native plants that require very little or no water to be able to survive. In the arid climate areas some shade or covered outdoor living areas are a must to work into the landscape for relief and comfort from the extreme sun in the afternoon. There are several materials that are energy efficient to create outdoor living rooms that can resist the intense heat from the sun but will also retain a little warmth during the cooler evening hours.

Clay barrel roof tiles, adobe brick, natural cast earth, and even thatched straw can be used to construct shaded patios and covered walkways. Any garden walls that are constructed of plaster or clay will provide shade during the day and warmth during the evening and also provide a little privacy. The right accessories can blend together the indoor space with the outdoor area by providing comfort and ease of entertainment to the garden. Desert patio designs not only include some type of shade and water feature but also fans or other devices that help circulate the air. Fireplaces or some type of heating device for cool, chilly evenings with any other patio accessories can create a comforting outdoor living room.

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