Cat Or Kitten – Either is a Good Choice

birman cats for sale to be one of the most intelligent of all domestic animals. Granted they do not do “dog tricks,” but with patience you can teach a cat many tricks.

Cats are carnivores, which means they are meat eaters. A cat cannot be a vegetarian, as vegetables do not provide the protein and other vitamins a cat needs to survive.

Having a pet, be it a cat or dog, is rather like getting married. First you get engaged (getting to know one another) then you get married (sharing your everyday life) and then hopefully live happily ever after. That statement gives you an idea of the commitment necessary when you decide to get a cat. This “long term” obligation deserves serious thought.

Cats live a long time. My Mr. Whiskers lived for 18 years. A normal life span for a cat can be from 12 to 20 some odd years. So commitment has to be one of your first thoughts.

Can you commit? Granted no one knows what the future may bring and there are circumstances that may alter your life’s plan. The question here is, barring anything unforeseen, are you willing to make the commitment?

If you are looking for a “short term” relationship forget it. The animal shelters and streets are filled with unwanted cats that people have left to fend for themselves.

Having made the decision to get a cat or a kitten. You need to take some time to consider your lifestyle, finances and how much free time you will have to devote to your cat. Yes, cats do sleep a lot, but they need playtime and your time.

Do you have regular business hours or are you on a schedule that is erratic? Cats like routine.
Does your job or current lifestyle cause you to travel a great deal? If you do travel, do you have someone reliable to become the second caregiver for your cat?

Do you currently have another pet? Have you taken into consideration the time it will take to introduce the new arrival to your current pet? Are you on a tight budget? A cat or kitten costs money. There are vet visits, food, toys, grooming supplies and litter to buy.

No matter how tired you are when you come home from work your cat or kitten will need care and some of your time. Remember that your cat has been home all day by itself. I have 3 cats and I work plus I have a husband (all of whom require a great deal of time and care.) I know the value of available time and how it can be frustrating when time seems to be fleeting. Keep this in mind as you mull over your decision to get a cat or kitten.

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