Buy Silver Coins – Why Silver Is Now The Investment Of Choice

The silver market has long been considered ‘the second class gold’ investment for the poor or middle class. The less expensive alternative to ασημι τιμη. However the gold market has had 10 years of very strong growth amid the world political tensions involving Iraq and Afghanistan, where the safe haven for dollars emerges.

Given the state of the world economies of the major continents on earth, and the global financial crisis, never before have we seen an unprecedented level of currency inflation and the debasing of local currencies. For example, the US dollar has been steadily falling for the past 9 years with just a few fluctuations in 2009/2010. The US dollar as a ‘paper’ entity has been losing value more and more each year, meaning it takes more money to buy silver coins or gold items than ever before.

However, the silver market is now in an unconventional low point in our current time. Silver was just 2 years ago (2009) around 1/70th the price of gold but today has crept up to around 1/50th the price of gold. That is, if you buy silver coins, ingots or jewellery, 50 ounces of the pure form of A grade silver is equivalent to 1 pure ounce of gold. So the trend is now for silver, to increase in value from it’s historic lows because any discrepancies in market pricing will reconcile themselves into the medium term.

So why would you buy silver coins, jewellery, or any other items, to make a good investment for you in the long term? Well as I stated in the opening phrase, silver is much more affordable as an investment to the average Joe than what gold is. If you bought ten ounces each single month, costing you around $280 based on today’s rates, you could not only manage to amass a fortune in several years, you would very successfully hedge against inflation.

What a much better superannuation goal would this make to your plans? When I present this proposition to you it would seem to make no sense at all why you would save your money into a superannuation fund. And if you buy silver coins rather than ingots or jewellery, the minted value is worth more because it has the collector’s favourite shapes and appearances. In fact, even if you were able to receive 10% per year in interest from your superannuation company by saving cash you would still be far behind a plan to buy silver coins as your investment alternative. Buy silver coins as a regular plan and you will find that your wealth will grow very steadily indeed.

Ever thought about buying silver coins??

Before purchasing them, there are certain things which should be taken care of.

You should have some knowledge of what you intend to buy and also one should be familiar about some details of your purchase. The weight and size of a rare silver coin can prove advantageous if you buy it online or offline from a reputed seller.

One should have knowledge enough to distinguish between a counterfeit coin and an original silver coin. The details on how to distinguish between an original and a fake coin is also available on the internet so that the buyers can gain sufficient knowledge by learning the differences between them. This knowledge of choosing the right coin will save you from getting into a possibly bad deal.

When a situation comes like now where the dollar is devaluating, people invest hugely on silver for their future and family. Because of this reason, one buys more of silver than gold. You may have heard of junk silver coins. Although they aren’t literally ‘junk’. Basically these kind of silver coins are called junk because they are plentiful and also do not possess that rare quality of pure silver in them. Junk silver coins are made up of 90% silver while the left 10% is some other metal. The United States government made them until 1964.

These junk silver coins although do not have 100% pure silver but still has a quality of being trustworthy as they have been recognized and also minted by the government of United States. One disadvantage of buying junk silver is that you have to pay a premium or an added cost while buying it and while selling it in the market you have to offer a discount thereby getting a lower price.

In all, buying silver will largely help you and your family for many reasons and the protection it offers against the purchasing power of shrinking dollar.

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