Book Marketing: 5 Easy Strategies You Can Use Now

Want to market your a course in miracles? These days, there are so many strategies that you may procrastinate, because you want to use the BEST strategy. There is no “best”. Instead, look for simple and easy strategies you can mix and match right now. These strategies are not only essential, they’re will also build your brand and platform.

This is an amazing strategy, one which few authors use. Book clubs are everywhere these days, offline and online. I’m sure you’ve received invitations to join clubs. You may even be a member of one. So, to promote your book, create some end-matter questions and other materials for readers who want to use your book in their book club.

Your material will engage readers. They’ll talk about your book with their friends, and word of mouth is the most valuable form of marketing you can use. Your book club materials, when posted to your blog, will intrigue readers. If they haven’t bought your book, they’ll give them a reason to buy. If they have bought your book, the materials will give them a starting point for writing a review.

I recommend to my writing students that they create a blog as soon as they decide that they want to write a book. A blog is instant publishing. Your blog will stay online for years, through many books, building your brand and platform. Your first blog needs to use your own name, or your business’s name. However, you may also want to create a blog just for that book. Make sure you link your “book” blog to your “name” blog.

Readers’ websites like Goodreads and LibraryThing are a wonderful marketing resource for authors. Create your authors’ page on Goodreads as soon as your book is published. You can also use these sites to give away free copies of your books. And if you’re lucky enough to get reviews on these sites — be they good or bad — you’ll get sales.

Each book you publish sells other books. Many authors have realized this. In this new era of digital publishing, it’s very easy to edit your book to include details (and perhaps an excerpt) of your latest book. On sites like Amazon, once you have sufficient sales, you’ll get promotions from Amazon “readers who bought (this book) also bought.”

Create a mailing list for readers. Not only can you give your subscribers updates on your writing projects, you can also run contests, and answer readers’ questions. Here’s a final tip. Marketing is an on-going activity. Don’t expect results too soon, when you’re starting. Results take time. Think in terms of one reader at a time. Your marketing efforts will snowball. Start that snowball with our easy book marketing strategies, and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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