Area Code in Washington State

If you think about your 847 area code, you probably have a good idea of just how much of your region this number covers. Some people live in states that have just one area code, and that is usually because of sparse population and spotty cell reception. Some of the larger states in the country have more than one area code, and that makes it hard to know exactly where a call may be coming from. Just one of the five active codes within Washington state is the 206 area code.

The 206 area code is located in the northwestern part of Washington State. This is the area code that includes Seattle, so it is one of the most used in that state. Very nearby would be a few more area codes, probably added because of the rise of phone lines and cellular phone activity in that part of the state. When an area runs out of numbers, they can add new area codes to offset some of the problem.

Anyone who lives within the 206 area code should know that there may be new area codes added at any time as needed by the phone companies in the service area. In fact, the 564 area code has been saved to overlay the area if needed. This could mean that you could get an area code for your cellular phone that is totally different from your home landline number. That does not happen very often, but confusion can occur when a new code is added. Most likely, all area codes within a geographical area will change instead.

When area codes change, it does tend to make big news. If this were to happen near the 206 area code, and the numbers need to multiple near Seattle, for example, those who are affected will have plenty of time to get used to the idea of it, and to find out how it will affect them directly. There may be no need to add a new code within the current 206 area code, but that could change at any time.

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